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Hi I’m Jahid Hasan

An Entrepreneur. An Marketing Consultant.  A SEO Consultant. A Organic SEO Expert. A Local SEO Consultant. 

Founder of Sage warrior IT

A highly manipulated professional SEO Expert & Digital Marketing Consultant in Bangladesh with more than ”7+ years of SEO expertise in the SEO industry”. Let’s get your business on the top page of Google’s organic search engine results. Do you want to improve your ranking in Google’s organic search results?

Do you want to increase your online sales? If you answered yes, you’ve come to the correct place. You will get the best services of an top SEO expert at an affordable price. So what are you waiting for here now?

Are you looking for a professional digital marketing expert and SEO Expert to Advance Your Business to the Next Level? Want to boost your online sales, visibility, and online reputation? If you’re a small business owner, an entrepreneur, a startup creator, a hustler, or simply someone searching for strong SEO knowledge, you have come to the correct place…

SEO Expert In Bangladesh - Mdjahidhasan

Welcome to Jahid Hasan Website

Use the Power of SEO to Grow Your Business Successfully! When you hire me, I’ll investigate the root of your business difficulties and provide actionable insights that will take your dream business to the next level.

Build Your Brand

Build Your Brand

Develop relationships with customers, provide outstanding customer service, test out novel ideas, leverage social media, participate in or organize events, and fine-tune existing projects as you go.

Increase Your Sell

Understanding other people's perspectives and having the skill to communicate with them on an emotional level will help you seal more sales.

Grow Your Business

Grow Your Business

Promoting brand recognition and product awareness among influential individuals is crucial to expanding your internet business and generating revenue.

Improve Your Rank

Improve Your Rank

Improved ranking can boost your site's perceived value, enhancing its position in search engine results pages. In the end, I will raise your online sales and services satisfactorily.

What Can Jahid Hasan Do for You?

How Much Does SEO Cost For A Small Business

Business Planning

Plans are of little importance, but planning is necessary. Here JAHID HASAN helps you with Marketing Planning & Develop your business at the top level.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services

Monthly SEO Service

Monthly Affordable SEO Packages by Md Jahid Hasan. Optimize Your Business on The Web. Check out my Monthly Organic SEO Services Plans and Pricing.

What Do Our Clients Say About Us

PPC Management

For your paid digital marketing, I will do research the target keywords, setup website tracking pixel & Manage your Google AdWords campaign.

Google 1st Page Rank - MD Jahid Hasan

Google 1st Page Rank

I help you reach the first page of Google with My Latest and white hat SEO Digital strategies. Get my guaranteed Search engine optimization ranking services.

Want to Rank on the Top Page of Google search results?

I am MD JAHID HASAN As a professional best white hat seo expert in bangladesh, I’m also able to take care of overall Digital SEO activities. As part of my job. Yes, it is possible to SEO rank on the top page of Google search results. However, It requires a lot of effort and time to achieve this target.

You need to create high-quality SEO friendly content, optimize your website for search engines, build backlinks, and use other SEO techniques to improve your website’s visibility and ranking. Additionally, You should also monitor your website’s performance and make changes as needed to ensure that you stay on the top page of Google search results.

Each business has a dream to reach the first page on google and generate more leads and revenue, but it is difficult to do. Here, Guarantee the google first-page ranking and help you generate more leads & revenue. if you are looking for some who will increase traffic to your website, are working on a new project, and need assistance, just call me or set up an appointment. I’ll respond to you soon!

Have an Idea or

Have any idea or project for in your mind call me or schedule a appointment. I will reply you shortly.

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My Consultancy Specializations

Over 7+ years of supplying businesses with competent SEO strategy and consulting services. I’ve helped numerous businesses and individuals improve their web presence. And I can assist you:


I will assist you in planning, implementing, and managing your whole SEO strategy. Besides that, I will handle numerous responsibilities such as content strategy planning, online marketing, web traffic, backlinking, and keyword research.

SEO Strategy

SEO Strategy

Creating a good SEO success strategy needs lots of experience with proven techniques and outcomes. I've been obtaining excellent results from my white hat seo techniques for over 6 years, and I will do the same work for you.

E-commerce SEO Services

E-commerce SEO

Every online store needs expert SEO services. To grow and increase highly relevant and targeted organic traffic to your e-commerce business website, I am available to assist you with the right SEO techniques.

Shopify SEO Services

Shopify SEO

Are you looking for solid SEO assistance for your Shopify store? Don't worry! I use my years of expertise in Shopify SEO optimization to raise your website's traffic, earnings, conversion rate, and overall profitability.

E-commerce SEO Services

WordPress SEO

Grow your WordPress website's potential with my SEO experience services! From keyword optimization to technical enhancements, on page, we'll boost your rankings and drive targeted traffic.

Shopify SEO Services


Boost your Wix website's visibility with My expertise SEO services! From optimizing meta tags to enhancing site speed, we'll fine-tune every aspect for top rankings. Drive more traffic, attract customers, and grow your online presence with our Wix SEO solutions.

SEO and Website Project Management

Project Management

I can help with any SEO job that requires an expert hand to guide it. With dozens of projects under my belt, yours will be appropriately overseen for the most remarkable results.

Team Lead

As a digital marketing team leader, I have distinguished myself by managing small in house teams. My mission is to assist you in maximizing your team's productivity by identifying and evaluating key performance indicators (KPIs).

SEO Strategy

As a professional seo specialist, my job is to operate a business with a strong SEO strategy so that the brand will get maximum profit from its business. My planning is mainly based on the following aspects.

Keyword Research Service

Keyword Research

One of my core expertise is keyword research. Allow me to research the ideal relevant keywords to reach your intended audience. My research aims to identify the most profitable and least competitive keywords as well.

Competitor Analysis

The first step in developing a good ranking strategy is to analyze rivals. You will uncover your comparative approach through in-depth rival analysis. With that in hand, you can start outranking your competitors.

SEO Strategy

SEO Strategy

Creating a good SEO success strategy needs lots of experience with proven techniques and outcomes. I've been obtaining excellent results from my white hat seo techniques for over 6 years, and I will do the same work for you.

Local SEO Service

Local SEO

Local SEO strategies are essential to increasing client traffic to your website. Fortunately for you, I have extensive experience consulting for local SEO knowledge and will assist you in reaching a wider local audience.

Technical SEO Service

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is about making sure your website is optimised for search engines. It involves things like ensuring your site is mobile friendly, using keywords correctly, creating content that will attract visitors and improving your site speed.

Ranking Strategy

Ranking Strategy

Ranking strategy is a simple way to rank your website based on how many people visit it each month. It’s a good starting point if you want to get some traffic to your site. You can use Google Analytics to find out how many visitors come to your site every month.

SEO-Friendly Website

SEO-Friendly Website

I like to design new websites from scratch while keeping search engine optimization in mind. Besides that, I work quickly to develop SEO-optimized, user-friendly websites that conform to the current standards and algorithm upgrades.

Monthly SEO Packages

Monthly SEO Packages

Jahid Hasan provides comprehensive monthly SEO packages to improve your company's performance. Please take a look at my Monthly SEO Plans and the Pricing section.

Google First Page Guaranteed

Google First Page Guaranteed

Utilizing my latest white hat organic SEO strategy, I can assist your brand and business move up the Google search result. Hire me, and I'll get you ranked higher.

Statistics of Jahid Hasan

I am experienced in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in both Onsite and Offsite categories. Moreover, my SEO strategy and expertise have allowed me to increase website traffic in organic ways. As an SEO specialist in Bangladesh, I am able to develop online marketing strategies, consult online businesses, make a plan, setting up online sales strategies and development. Also, if you need some social media marketing, I am there for you to grow. I love to do profitable keyword research for clients and other SEO audits as well.

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Increased traffic through latest combined SEO tactic and other digital marketing.

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Increased conversion rate following latest and secret strategy.

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Increased revenue through combined SEO and viral marketing.

Our Honourable Clients

The Page-Turner Initiative
Mirror Mirror Runway
Red World
L&W Junk

Recommendations & Feedback

My believers are my biggest ambassadors, and I treat them that way. Take a look at some of their testimonies. Their words are reflections of the quality of support I provided them:

Tuley Sturtevant

Michelle Tuley


Jahid designed, built and hosted websites for two of my clients. He is very efficient in developing and implementing overall design layout, including SEO strategies with emphasis on local SEO for my client Jahid dealt with the details along with the bigger picture in mind for the website to generate a profit for my clients. His coding was excellent and his designs were unique and innovative. My clients were always happy. I will continue to use his services for future projects.

Jennifer Conner

Jennifer Conner


“Jahid Hasan’s SEO service exceeded my expectations. I noticed a significant improvement in my website’s visibility and traffic within a short period. His expertise and dedication to optimizing my site for search engines resulted in tangible results. I highly recommend Jahid Hasan for anyone seeking effective SEO solutions.”
Altaf Hossain

Altaf Hossain

Founder & CEO

He is a professional SEO services
Expert I worked with and MD Jahid
Hasan hada great budget range for me without compromising the quality. They should add more services with a budget range like they’re offering now.

Lamisa Reza

Lamisa Reza

Founder & CMO

I have hired Jahid to help several of my clients, with SEO and website design. He is prompt, communication is great and I recommend him to everyone. I trust his work and his results are outstanding.
Mert Akaygün

Mert Akaygün


I had a fantastic experience working with the web designer. Everything went smoothly, and I’m extremely satisfied with the results.
Communication and commitment
were top-notch. Highly recommended!


Michelle Tuley


Jahid designed, built and hosted websites for two of my clients. He is very efficient in developing and implementing overall design layout, including SEO strategies with emphasis on local SEO for my client Jahid dealt with the details along with the bigger picture in mind for the website to generate a profit for my clients. His coding was excellent and his designs were unique and innovative. My clients were always happy. I will continue to use his services for future projects.

Request Free SEO Analysis

Hi, They,re this is MD Jahid Hasan as an SEO Expert & Digital Marketing Consultant.

Provide me with some Initial information about your website. Write details of the Website URL, Keywords, and Target Location.

I will free audit & analysis your website, your target keyword, Competitor current position and Difficulty. Also, I will check your website design, Loading speed, User-Friendly, etc. When I will audit & analysis, I will understand your business website’s current condition & health, etc. Then we will discuss for next step about your Project.

Website URL: Target location: Target keywords List:

I would like to discuss my promotional strategy and approach. Thanks and have a blessed day!


Md Jahid Hasan – Professional SEO Expert & Digital Marketer

Website: https://mdjahidhasan.com

Skype: live:.cid.13bddde942988c15

WhatsApp: +8801821207679

So, What’s an SEO expert? What do they even do?

In easy terms, it’s the good job of an Best SEO expert to take your website onto the first page of Google’s search engine results. An SEO expert seeks to achieve this by researching the content on the website and reanalyzing and implementing changes so your website can rank on the first page.

Using their expertise in On-page SEO, Off-page SEO, Technical SEO, and Local SEO, they are the ones who complete life easy for you. Not to mention, your site also gets a triamonds reputation because of the reputation they create through starting quality backlinks and internal links.

An SEO Specialist will always strive to make improvements to your website. With their deep knowledge of keyword research and understanding of SEO copywriting, they serve as a connecting point between different departments.

1. Time-Saving:

Hiring an google SEO expert can save you a lot of time. Digital SEO experts are experienced and knowledgeable in the field, so they can quickly identify and address any problems that may be affecting your website’s performance.

2. Knowledge and Expertise:

An SEO expert has the knowledge and expertise to optimize your business site for (SERP) search engine rankings. They understand the algorithms used by search engines and can use this knowledge to their advantage. They can also provide you with helpful insights into the best techniques for SEO and how to improve your website’s visibility.

3. Ensure that your site is in sync with the latest changes:

Search engine algorithms are constantly changing, and it is important to maintain up with the latest changes to ensure that your website is optimized for the best possible results. An SEO specialist can help you stay up to date with the latest changes and ensure that your website is in sync with the latest trends. This will help you stay ahead of the competition and provide your site.

4. Delivering Cost-Effective Operations:

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a cost-effective way to increase your website’s visibility and reach. An SEO expert can help you optimize your website for search engine rankings, which can help you save money on advertising and other marketing costs.
Additionally, SEO experts can help you identify and target the right keywords for your website, which can help you get more targeted traffic and leads.

Avoid Expensive Mistakes:

Seeking a professional’s help can prevent the making of expensive mistakes and wrong approaches to SEO.

6. Analysis of Results:

Despite how well your business website may have been SEO optimized, to make digital SEO further benefit you, you have to make use of certain metrics. Through analyzing these metrics regularly, you need to make adjustments to your site.
A few metrics targeted by SEO experts include:

  • SEO is an essential part of any website’s success.
  • SEO can help your website rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs).
  • SEO can help you get more website visitors.
  • SEO can help you get more leads from potential customers.
  • SEO can help you improve your website’s visibility.
  • Conversion rates.
  • Search volumes etc.

7. Easy-To-Understand Reports:

Every business has goals of their own. An SEO expert can provide you with easy-to-understand reports that will help you understand the progress of your SEO campaign. This will help you make informed decisions about your website and its SEO strategy.

8. Improves ROI:

If you are seeking to improve your ROI, SEO experts can help you get the most out of your company’s marketing budget by optimizing your website for search engines.

People often ask me why is it that they require the services of an SEO expert.

SEO is a complex and ever-evolving field that requires a deep understanding of search engine algorithms, the latest trends, and the best practices for optimizing websites.
An SEO expert can help you create comprehensive On-page SEO, Off-page SEO, Technical SEO, Local SEO, white-hat SEO, black-hat SEO, etc.
An SEO strategy that will help you achieve your goals and increase your visibility in the search engine results pages. They can also help you identify and fix any issues that may be preventing your website from ranking well.

Finding an Organic SEO specialist for your company to work with can be difficult for a few reasons. First, Search Engine Optimization is a complex and ever-changing field, so it can be difficult to find someone who is up-to-date on the latest trends and white hat SEO techniques. Second, landing page SEO experts can be expensive, so it can be difficult to find someone who fits within your budget. Finally, youngest seo professionals can be hard to find because there is no single certification or qualification that proves somebody is an expert in the field.

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